Dyeing with Lichen

Lichen is everywhere around here. I can collect it off the ground in my backyard.  But I’d rather use collecting as an excuse to get to the swamp.

Cypress Swamp

Cypress Swamp

There wasn’t as much lying on the ground as I remember from past visits. But with more time spent scouring the ground for fallen bits and encrusted dead branches, two loosely filled 1 gallon bags were eventually collected.Lichen Project -5


On returning home, all the fresh lichen was dumped into a large pot of water and simmered for a few hours then strained. collected lichen

Handfuls of wetted locks are added over time to get some color variation.

Simmering Lichen

Simmering Lichen

Not only does the lichen dye the fiber a lovely color, it also imparts a very pleasant scent, sweet and earthy and it doesn’t dissipate.Caramel Locks 2 Caramel Locks Close Caramel Locks Skein

Rambouillet and Finn

Two new singles skeins, one spun from carded Rambouillet; the other from Finn fleece.

Frosty Violet Spiral

Shades of purple from lavender to violet to deep aubergine, corespun on mohair then spiral plied with commercial silk.

Welcome To Gray Moon Fiber Studio

Thanks for stopping by. Navigate the various menus above to see the current stock of handspun and hand dyed yarns. Most of the yarns are spun from Kid Mohair, either 100% or blended with one of the softer longwools like Teeswater or Wensleydale or maybe Blue Faced Leceister. Tussah silk is another addition to many of the prespun fibers.

Currently available are singles spun from locks, singles spun from combed or carded locks and a few 2-ply yarns.

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